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What’s New in NC Money

More than $1 million and counting spent by independent groups in North Carolina primary

UPDATE: FCC reports show $244,760 in spending by NC Chamber IE, moving the total spent on the Hudson race to $1,283,946. Independent groups' spending has now topped one million, at $1,110,055.

Justice for All NC attack ad tops $600,000

State law does not require registered committees to disclose independent expenditures during the current 48-hour period before the primary election, but a Follow NC Money analysis of Federal Communications Commission data reveals a growing price tag for Justice for All NC's ad attacking Justice Robin Hudson. The current figure was $606,384 as of May 4, paying for 1,079 TV spots between April 21 and May 6.

Republican State Leadership Committee gives another $250,000 to Justice for All NC

The Republican State Leadership Committee, which already gave $650,000 to Justice for All NC on April 23, gave $250,000 more to the organization on April 30.

NC Chamber IE spends $55,000 on mailers supporting four incumbents

North Carolina Chamber IE spent $55,486 on mailers for two Democrats and two Republicans in their primary elections; all are incumbents in the state legislature. Bob Rucho, a Republican senator, received the most support, with $21,203 going towards five mailers on his behalf.

NC Citizens for Freedom in Education IE PAC spends on two House races

Two expenditures by conservative-leaning NC Citizens for Freedom in Education IE PAC posted to the State Board of Elections website today in support of two Republican House incumbents. $7988.50 went to Brian Brown and Chuck McGrady in the form of radio ads created by Midwest Communications, LLC.

Jeanette Doran "surprised" at NC Chamber IE support ad

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice candidate Jeanette Doran responded to the NC Chamber IE's ad in her favor. Doran's website posted a Youtube video of the ad along with this text:

New Justice for All NC first quarter report reveals nothing about recent attack ad

A new first-quarter report filed at State Board of Elections by super PAC Justice for All NC includes no information about donors or recent spending for an attack ad in the primary for Hudson's NC Supreme Court seat.

Robin Hudson campaign releases video in response to attack ad

The Robin Hudson campaign has released an online video in response to Justice for All NC's ad attacking Hudson, who is running to retain her seat on the state Supreme Court. It is unclear whether the campaign plans to run paid television advertising in response as well.

Justice for All NC spends over half a million on ad attacking Supreme Court Justice Robin Hudson

Justice for All NC, the conservative-leaning, Raleigh-based 527 group that spent nearly $1.7 million in 2012 benefiting NC Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby, is heavily involved in at least one of this year's court races as well.

North Carolina Chamber IE spends big in Supreme Court primary

The independent expenditure arm of the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce has logged two large television advertising expenditures in favor of the two conservatives in the nonpartisan primary race for Robin Hudson's Supreme Court Associate Justice seat.