Site last updated: 5:00 pm., February 22

Justice for All NC spends over half a million on ad attacking Supreme Court Justice Robin Hudson

Justice for All NC, the conservative-leaning, Raleigh-based 527 group that spent nearly $1.7 million in 2012 benefiting NC Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby, is heavily involved in at least one of this year's court races as well. Boosted by a recent $650,000 donation from the Republican State Leadership Committee, Justice for All NC spent more than $500,000 on an ad against incumbent Robin Hudson, who is running to retain her seat on the state Supreme Court.
Current North Carolina campaign finance law allows registered independent committees, like Justice for All NC, to escape the 48-hour reporting requirements that apply to non-registered committees. An expenditure report has yet to be filed by Justice for All NC; the sum the organization paid, over $586,289, is based on FCC reports as of May 2, 2014.
Total outside spending, including $225,000 from NC Chamber IE, is at least $811,289, and total spending, including ads paid for by the Levinson and Hudson campaigns, is more than $1,082,750. Watch the ad here.