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NC Chamber IE reports $200,000 of independent spending in the third quarter, mostly benefiting Republicans

The independent expenditure arm of the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce has reported $205,565 in independent expenditures during September and October. Most of the expenditures came in the form of mailers supporting seven incumbent House and Senate members who are running for re-election.

NC Citizens for Protecting Our Schools expands its ad campaign to nearly $300,000

The liberal-leaning 501(c)(4) group, NC Citizens for Protecting Our Schools, has bought more TV ad time at WLOS in Asheville, bringing its total TV ad spending this year to just over $298,000.

N.C. Families First increases TV ad buy to over $900,000

According to Federal Communications Commission records, the liberal-leaning 527 political group, North Carolina Families First, has increased its ad buy in the Raleigh-Durham area, raising the total to over $910,000. At least some of these ads target Rep. Mike Stone (R-51).

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The following table lists all non-party, non-candidate expenditures in North Carolina state-level races. Click on the headers to sort by group, date of expenditure, the affected race or candidate, or the amount. Click here or email us for more info.