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The Return of Real Jobs NC

After two years of silence, the committee that spent nearly $900,000 supporting conservative candidates in 2012 has emerged again.

New outside PAC enters the fray

Supporters of North Carolinas Skilled Nursing Facilities, a new independent expenditure PAC, recently filed reports documenting close to $53,000 in spending on behalf of six Republican state legislators.

Republican State Leadership Committee sends $400,000 more to Justice for All NC just over a week before election day

The D.C.-based Republican State Leadership Committee has given $400,000 to Justice for All NC, a North Carolina-based super PAC that has already spent heavily in one of this year's state Supreme Court races.

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The following table lists all non-party, non-candidate expenditures in North Carolina state-level races. Click on the headers to sort by group, date of expenditure, the affected race or candidate, or the amount. Click here or email us for more info.